חבר אַמִיץ – כלבי שירות לישראל


In Israel, the incidence of post-trauma is increasing due to the obligation to enlist in military service, high security tensions and the constant threat of war, terrorist attacks and, of course, real wars.

A CORAGEOUS COMPANIONS Israel is a registered association that was established with the aim of training, adapting and financing service dogs in order to assist IDF disabled people suffering from post-trauma and / or physical limitations due to the injury.

The association was born out of a Canadian-Israeli collaboration with CORAGEOUS COMPANIONS CANADA, MSAR – ELITE SERVICE DOG and DogSchool – the center for advanced kennels and with the aim of training service dogs to the highest and most stringent standard.

The association was founded by attorneys Michael Zamir and Uri Ehrenfeld

Senior Advisors

Mr. Haim Roman, Israel

Mr. Arie Lavy , Canada

Accompanied psychologist and researcher

Professor Zehava Solomon

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Both MSAR and Dog School standard deals only with performance of Service Dog Teams and covers the following aspects:

  • general and legal.
  • performance in public.
  • performance as a team.
  • compensation of disability.
  • care and well-being of dog

Both MSAR and Dog School standard (by design) avoids any requirements for training, whether by an establishment, or by an individual, or by the person with a disability. It simply sets out a comprehensive

Because our service dogs are trained individually to the human limit, if there are other background diseases such as diabetes, epilepsy, blood pressure, etc … we can train the service dog to help in these cases as well.

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Volunteering with Dog

We are pleased to receive volunteers at the our Dog School
Center in Israel and at our MSAR centre in Canada.

Our Volunteers play an integral part in the daily function of the center, and there are many jobs available
in a wide variety of areas. Since the center is not accessible
by public transport, having a car is a necessary requirement.

Helping in Various Departments

Our service dogs enable us to improve the quality of life for
disable Israelis by offering them safe mobility, independence,
and self-confidence. We therefore invest a great deal of effort
into caring for our dogs!

Volunteers help the kennel staff with daily maintenance and
care in the kennels, keeping the kennels clean, seeing to the
dogs’ hygiene, feeding, and making sure that the dogs are
happy and healthy. Petting is part of the job!


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